Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zoup! - Day 25

With being back at work we’ve had to adjust a bit to make sure things are taken care of in the mornings. Brian gets Gray’s diapers ready and help with G, and I get g’s food and bottles ready and packed up. Brian is in charge of lunches, the night before he gets left overs packaged up, and then in the mornings packs our lunch bags. (Yes we gave insulated lunch bags; we’re THOSE people)

Well today the fail routine failed us.

Brian left earlier than me this morning and so I thought nothing of just grabbing my lunch bag and heading out the door. When I went to grab a banana for snack; the banana that Brian always packs for me and all I found was my dishes from yesterday’s lunch and a lone apple sauce. Opps. No lunch for me. I was so looking forward to my left over Coconut Pad Thai!.

Taken with Instagram

As you can see I ended up eating at my desk and working through lunch. Not something I love doing but it seems to be something I have to do these days.

Thank goodness for co-workers and take out lunches.

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