Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CD update

We’re almost a month into our cloth diapering adventure and I’m loving it. We’re getting into a routine, and Brian is even more on board with cloth diapers. He wasn’t a hard sell from the beginning financially, but he wasn’t too sure how much he was going to be doing other than just changing diapers. This weekend he even washed and dried a load of diapers for me while I had a nap. I’ve done quite a bit more research since we got our first set of cloth a month ago. I’ve decided on the next set of diapers we will use when Gray is a bit bigger. Gray has out grown the first set of covers that we bought. Big milestone for us! This is the first thing that he’s outgrown. He’s out of preemie diapers now! So I went and got some Bummis covers from out local store. I got two kinds, by fluke actually.

I got a few Super Brite wraps, and a Super Whisper Wrap. Thing that I love the most about both of these is that the tabs are Velcro on the top as well – so for my little munchkin who’s waist is oh so tiny, I can overlap the tabs. I love the Super Brite because it has an extra leg gusset, so his tiny legs won’t let out any leaks. I also picked up a few dozen preemie prefolds to have until he’s a bit bigger and we can start using the infant ones. I’ll share how I conditioned them in a bit. I am able to use all the innards to the preemie diapers that we got, I just needed some new covers, but the prefolds are a bit more absorbant for night time. Last week I was checking out a new diaper store in our area and found some Bummis Super Lite covers! They may not be patterned but they are gorgeous none the less. Pro – they’re about 4$ cheaper than the patterned ones, con – they don’t have Velcro on the top of the tabs so I can only use them when G is big enough to not have the tabs cross. These covers have a great elastic strip at the back and around the legs as well, and they’re trim, no extra bulk here! 

Here’s my little Man in one of his cute new Super Lite wraps!

I’m so excited for where we are on our journey. I’m a total cloth diaper mama! Stay tuned for future updates. Maybe Gray will grow out of his diapers and we’ll be into the infant sized diapers!

Monday, May 09, 2011


Never in my life did I think that I would talk about poop so much! My mother in law and I have in depth conversations regarding poop. The doctors and I talk about poop. B and I even have conversations about it in bed these days.
Why has poop overtaken our lives? Well G’s bowels were underdeveloped when he was born and we have to be very cautious about how often he’s pooping. So not what I expected!
So we seem to count days between poppy diapers and make sure that he’s going often enough. I can’t say I enjoy counting the days or what’s required if he’s waited too long in between. But I do what’s best for Mr. G. 

For a couple who leaves the bathroom talk in the bathroom and always had, we talk about G’s bowel movements far too much. I’m sure he’ll love reading this when he’s older. Oh well. I’m happy to change poopy diapers if they come on their own, and occasionally send messages to our NICU nurses to let them know that he’s still doing okay, or when he’s decided to be particularly explosive the way he was in the hospital. 

He gave me a great Mother’s Day present today so I didn’t have to stimulate some poop out of him. Again – I know, not the most fun thing in the world. 

Here’s hoping that G’s bowels catch up in the next few months and we don’t have to worry about this much longer.

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Today is Mother’s Day, my first one. It’s also babE Gray’s dedication at church. I’ve been looking forward to this day for years. Not just my first mother’s day but our child’s dedication at church. Almost 27 years ago, I was dedicated at our church, the first baby dedicated at our church just after it was founded. It’s my little claim to fame, but also a huge honour that they have kept the tradition. So today, for me at least, our church has come a full generation. The first baby dedicated is having her baby dedicated. Since we knew babE was on board we have been talking about this, and looking forward to it. 
So where does disappointment come in? Today is a day when we get to live out my family tradition, and today my dad is sitting in a hospital bed not able to come and watch. We have no idea how long my dad will be with us, and if he’ll be here to see Gray’s graduation from high school or university, or see him get married or have his own children. So today was the one thing that we knew he would be around for, to witness and take part in. So when my mom told me yesterday that my dad would still be in the hospital I was very disappointed. I know what really matters is that he continues to get healthy. It’s just a bit hard when I wonder if this is the only thing he might have been able to be present at.
We’re going to have a friend record the dedication and go and watch it with my dad later this week. I’m glad that we have the technology to be able to do that.
Well off to church we go. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all my blogging mommies, and all my readers. We appreciate the work you’re doing in your child’s life.