We would love to have you join the babEblessings family.

We have two options for sponsorship, our feature spot and our swap spot.

Feature spot – 250x250 placed in the right sidebar and rotates through the month with the other ads. You have the option to do a guest post on a week day, as well as being part of the sponsor round up on the 11th of each month. Will also receive a pdf with new prints created during that month as a thank you.

Swap Spot – 250x150 placed below the Feature spots in the right sidebar and will rotate through the month. You will be part of the swap round up on the 20th of each month.

Between now and September you will see us on The Mom Diggity, Through the Eyes of the Mrs., Texas Lovebirds, Finding My way in Texas, Geeky and Sassy, Kacia + Robot, and 5ohWifey.