Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is my due date.

July 2010

Back in July we were looking forward to this day – hoping we would be meeting our babE sometime soon, and wondering if he or she would share their birthday with my sister who’s also a March baby. In November we were praying to make it to March 1st, to make it to 36 weeks, to be able to deliver in Guelph as we originally planned rather than at another hospital. Today we’re holding our little boy, and celebrating that he’s almost 2 months old. In July, March seemed so far away, and today it feels like it came way too soon. 

March 2011

I’m so thankful that we’ve gotten an extra 8 weeks with Gray, but at the same time I wonder what would have happened if he had decided to keep cooking a while longer. Would he have been the 12lbs they anticipated? Would he have had even more hair – as if that was possible! Where would he have fit! Would he have less struggles with eating and digesting, or would he still have had issues? 

March 24th will one day become just another day in the year, but I think for a few years I will always remember it as Gray’s due date. A day when it’s okay to be a little nostalgic.
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