Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Medical Minds - Day 32

I have finally mastered, well maybe not mastered, but at least conquered the motherly way of staying calm on the outside when the insides are frantic. Tonight was a bit of a test.

I went to feed Gray his dinner after getting home from work. I went to clip him into his highchair and saw there was blood coming from his finger. So I went upstairs, grabbed a bandage and went on feeding Gray. I thought maybe I accidentally clipped his finger while buckling in him into his chair. And then half way through dinner G reached up and wiped his hand across his face and left a trail of blood. WHAT?!?!?! He had bleed through his bandage. So dinner went to the side and I called my mom and got some ideas for trying to stop the bleeding. A sock that was too small and some hockey tape and G’s happily playing again. And then he bleeds through the sock!
I was starting to get a bit frazzled. I had found the source of the cut. He had gotten his finger in the air intake vent on the wall and must have taken off some skin. My dear friend Amber had come on Skype and being a nurse she was more than helpful. We were ready to head off to the ER after over 50 minutes of bleeding and finally it stopped.

I’m so thankful for my mom’s advice and Amber’s help. Without them we probably would have sat at the ER for hours for the Doctor’s to do nothing.

G’s finger is doing great, no more blood and we covered the vent so no more cuts.

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