Saturday, November 05, 2011

8:01pm - Day 14

8:01pm is one of my favourite times of day. It’s the time when I get my snuggly baby back instead of the little boy who’s growing up so fast and starting to almost crawl. For just a minute, or sometimes 20, like tonight, I get to just snuggle my sleeping baby. There are nights when I don’t get a chance to snuggle him for too long; there’s laundry or dishes to be done, or Brian and I need to review the budget or menu for the week. And then there are nights like tonight when Brian’s vegging with a friend watching guy movies and I’m on my own for the evening, and I take the extra 20 minutes out of blogging (sorry guys) and decided to snuggle my boy. 

I’m thankful for the extra few minutes I get with him some nights to just watch him sleep and pray over him and love on him just a bit more. 

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