Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sleep Trainging - Day 21

Back in July we decided to start sleep training Grays. It took a solid month for him to get used to just going to sleep when we put him in his crib, but he did and we got used to just putting him down.

Then a few weeks after I started back at work we decided that we wanted him to sleep through the night. He would wake up at 3 or 4 am and nurse for 30 seconds and fall back asleep again, so he obviously isn’t hungry. He had started solid food, so when he woke up we patted him on the back and let him be, and after 3 nights he was sleeping through no problem.

This weekend I’m so thankful that we did this. The past few days have been a dream. I had thought that with being in a hotel and an odd spot that we would be up in the night with him, but I am pleasantly surprized. G’s been falling right to sleep as soon as we put him in his playpen in the hotel room, nap or bedtime. It has been great.

Sleep training was not easy, I would never ever let anyone thing that it is, but it was so worth it and I’m glad we stuck it out. 

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