Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bedrest - Day 24

We always expected that I would be on bedrest when I was pregnant. Just for a different reason and a different time frame. I have bad hips and we figured that the weight and strain on my hips would put me in bed for a few weeks, maybe a month. We also assumed we would have a c-section. We were wrong on both accounts. 

A year ago today we started our journey of bedrest. A year ago today I left work early after being called in for the day, joked that I might not be back since the doctor had ordered the ultra sound on Friday and was adamant that I make it work. At the end of my ultrasound the tech said that I should hear from Kendra by the end of the day, and if not that I needed to call her office. So I went home and worried all afternoon and evening. Kendra called in the morning (after I left just a few messages for her to call me) asking for us to come into her office as soon as we could. I asked her if I would be able to go into work after our meeting, her honest answer ‘probably not’. That’s when the panic set it. I called Brian and we agreed to meet with Kendra as soon as we could both get there. We met there and were informed that my cervix wasn’t strong enough and instead of being the normal 5cm thick that it should be it was barley 2cm, a huge decrease from the 3cm it was just a week earlier.  We still had 18 weeks left until Gray was due. We had just found out that he was a boy and now we were unsure what the future held for him. After our appointment I went to work, handed in my security badges, cleaned out my desk and came home to bed. 

Bedrest was possibly the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I’m thankful for it. Becaseu of bedrest my son held on until 32 weeks and is healthy. And if babE #2 decides to ever join our family I’ll happily do it again. It was worth it. 

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  1. That sounds so rough, but glad it all worked out!