Monday, November 07, 2011

Date Night - Day 16

Back during our early days while I was still in university and Brian was just starting to work we would set aside one night a week to have a date. Nothing super fancy, usually just coffee or a walk. It was more important to just have a night for the two of us. 

We’ve tried to keep date night up since we got married, and as long as Brian has been in town we’ve usually had a date night. Until the NICU and having a new baby at home. But now that things have settled out a bit with me being at work and Gray being a bit bigger we’re back on track with date night. 

My sister came over tonight and looked after G for us, and we headed out for coffee. We chatted and planned what we needed for our mini vacation to Ottawa. And for a few moments it was just Brian and I talking and laughing. 

It was so great to get out just the two of us and have conversations about more than just what’s for dinner and what’s next on G’s schedule.

I’m also thankful for my new iPhone. It helps me take lots of pictures for my blog. Thanks hunni

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