Friday, December 30, 2011

OmeRoni - Day 69

I'm vlogging my 100 days today.

Leave a comment if you want to wish Omer and Roni a Happy Birthday with me.

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  1. Ahhh J that is so very sweet and touching....I have no words, which is rare for me. :-0. Thank you for your thoughts and love! Hugs and happy new year!

  2. Oh Boy!!!! we are sooooo touched by what you said! Thank you so so much :) We are happy to have met you guys, and we know our roads have crossed for a reason...
    Looking back, the NICU looks like a fade memory, and we try to forget the stress and fear, but we will nevet forget the kindness and love we got from you guys and from people around us.
    1st birthday is so exciting, and youll se soon, when Greyson will turn 1, that you simply can't believe how time flies.
    We miss you all, and we wish you a great, wonderfull and full of love happy new year!
    Give Greyson a big kiss from us!
    OmeRoni and thier Dads! :)