Friday, December 16, 2011

A Day Off - Day 55

Today was a great day! I was off work for the day, well kind of.

I ended up having to go into the office, but just for an hour or so, and G got some time to hang out at my desk with me. You don’t say no to multi-million dollar accounts, in fact you bend over backwards for the really nice ones. So I went and did the things that needed to be done and left as soon as I could.

G missed part of his nap this morning, so that threw off our schedule a little bit but it was still a great day. After G woke up from his nap in the afternoon we went out shopping for a gift for his ‘school’ teacher Mrs Cathy. We already had an idea of what we wanted to get her, but we needed to go find it. So off to the shops we went. We ended up getting a gift for my boss, and one for my bestfriend. It turned into a great trip.

G also got snow on his snow suit for the first time. And I forgot my mittens on the one day I really needed them.

And then after Brian got home and we were in the middle of getting the kitchen cleaned up and dinner ready to eat Gray decided to stand up for the first time. He pulled himself up all by himself!! I’m so proud of my little man. He’s getting so big! 

I’m so happy that I got to spend the day with my little guy. Days like this make working full time a bit more bearable.

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