Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Break

Christmas break has finally started. I got out of the office almost on time, with only one little hiccup (like me forgetting to drop off paperwork – thank goodness for a great boss)

I was able to pick up Gray from ‘school’ and come home so we could have the afternoon together. Gray decided not to nap well this morning, so he was way over tired by the time we got home, and did not want to go down, but after some snuggles he was out, and still is. 

I broke out the Christmas blend and ground it and made myself a pot of decaf, and started and finished the dishes. And now I’m sitting skyping with one of my best friends.

 IMG_0427          IMG_0429          IMG_0431

I have 10 glorious work free days (unless I get a call that I need to go process something). I am excited to spend some time with Grayson and Brian and celebrate our first Christmas together.

I am also excited to get some updates done on the blog.  Keep an eye out for new things over the next few days.

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