Friday, December 09, 2011

Cloth Diapers - Day 48

We were at the store today looking at diapers. So not fun!!!

Gray’s been really good at sleeping lately, however he’s waking up at about 3am having soaked through is diaper. So we’ve tried for a few nights with disposables and he’s sleeping through.
So now we’re on the hunt for disposable diapers, and I did not realize how expensive they could be.
Days like this make me so thankful for cloth diapers.

When we decided to do cloth diapers we were doing it more for the environment than for our budget, but the budget sold Brian and doing our own even though it meant washing our own rather than going with a local diaper service. When we were first home from the hospital, we couldn’t find cloth small enough to fit our little man, so we did disposables for about 5 weeks. Then after some skilled kijiji searches I found some, and we were off. Our first set of cloth diapers cost us the same as those 5 weeks of disposables, and we still use portions of that set now.  We’ve graduated from that set and another now, but the total cost of what we’ve spent seems to be about what we would have spent on two months’ worth of disposable diapers.

We also haven’t had to deal with much diaper rash. The days when it gets really bad we’ll put G is disposable so we can use the strong diaper cream that’s bad for cloth diapers, but other than a handful of days we haven’t had to do that much.

I’m glad we took the plunge, even though it means dealing with some pretty crappy diapers sometimes. It’s worth it in the end. Happy budget, happy Brian equals a happy Jac.

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