Saturday, December 17, 2011

Medical Advances - Day 56

A year ago Brian and I visited his dad’s hospital and were so thankful that we had made it to 26 weeks! I had been on bedrest for almost 6 weeks and was starting to go crazy, and get BIG. (the shots below were taken just a few days after our adventure).

Grayson Growing for 26 weeks.
So we had seen Kendra and she sent us over to see Brian’s dad and the L and D department at the hospital. I was there to get steroid shots to help g’s lungs develop in case he decided to arrive early. I am not a fan of needles, but I’m not so much of a wimp that I need smiley faces on bandages at my age. So when the nurse came over to take me back to give me the shot, I started to pull my arm out of my sleeve. Until she told me that she didn’t need my arm. Brian tells me the look on my face was priceless. I’m not opposed to needles other places, I just don’t prefer them, and goodness did my hip hurt for a bit after that. 

I had the waddle to prove how big I was getting
I have been on steroids before, my asthma medication isn’t always nice, but these sterioids were about a million times stronger than the meds I have had before, and all night long I could hear my heart in my ears all night long. So no sleep for me.

And then the next day we went back again for another round.

I am so thankful for modern medicine and medical advances. But the fact that my son was born at 32 weeks, and spent less than 8 hours on supplemental oxygen. He was on a ventilator, but for brain issues not breathing issues. Who knows what condition he would have been in if we hadn’t been able to get the injections.

A year ago we had a crazy few days of steroid shots and racing pulses, but today we have a healthy bean sleeping in the next room.

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  1. The medical world is AMAZING! Just 20 years ago, a baby with my son's birth defect had only a 5% chance of survival. Can you believe it?
    SO glad you were able to get those shots, and that they helped. I got them too, but we ended up not really needing them since Elliot hung out in my uterus WAYYY longer than everyone expected.
    God is good!

  2. I too am thankful for modern medicine. If our son had been born 40 years ago, he wouldn't have made it past age 2. Now he's age 6 and doing phenomenally well!
    So glad your son is doing well as well!

  3. yay for medicine and your sweet little one :)

  4. the medical world is such a blessing! so happy your little family is doing well!