Sunday, October 30, 2011

G's New Trick - Day 8

Today we were touring around the area showing off our Halloween costumes to the grandparents. We decided that a day early would be okay, and then everyone would get to see how cute he is. 

However in our haste to get out the door - with a bunch of clothes we were going to be storing at my parents till babE #2 - we forgot to bring his costumes with us. Yes two costumes; I'm a sucker and had to get him two costumes. So while Brian ran back to our place to get them, G and I spent some time with my mom and dad. And G showed off his new trick. 
He's sitting all by himself now. He has been able to sit before but he's never really liked to do it for more than about 30 seconds at a time. Well he decided that if he was going to show off then he was going to show off good and sat on his own for over 5 minutes straight!! Way to go little man! 
I managed to catch the last minute on tape. My dad talking to him in the background. 

I'm so thankful that Gray has finally learned how to sit on his own. We have spent quite a bit of time teaching him how. With our next development check-up coming up I dreaded the feedback if he wasn't sitting yet. The last appointment they were not super thrilled at the fact that he wouldn't sit at all. 

It seems silly to be thankful that my baby is sitting up on his own, but today is a big day in our house. And the best part is that we got to share his new talent with all his grandparents on the same day. That doesn't happen too often.
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  1. Way to go Little G! Your other "Auntie" Jenn is so proud of you! :D