Wednesday, October 26, 2011

16lbs - Day 4

Today I am so thankful for 16 lbs. Today Grayson weighs 16bls. We ventured out to the doctors this morning for G’s 9 month check-up. Brian and I have spent about a week going back and forth on how much G would weigh at this check-up; 14lbs, 17lbs, or somewhere in between. I was really hoping that we would be above 15lbs. 

Now of course they always give us his measurements in metric, and I get to a computer and find the conversion to a useful measurement.

I’m so thankful that G is doing so well and getting so big. And I’m thankful that we don’t have to go for weekly weight checks. 

I miss the days of my little 5lb bean but I’m so thankful for 16lbs and that he’s getting big and strong. 

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