Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Weekend Away

This weekend I left Gray with Brian overnight. We have an annual women’s conference at our church and I had invited my amazing sister in law Leah to join me for the weekend. We decided that we would make it a girl’s weekend, use our hotel points and get a hotel room and leave the husbands with the boys and just get away. It turned out to be perfect timing with some things that have been going on our lives and needing a little get away and some distractions. So away we went.

 I was a bit nervous, but decided to just be as Zen as I could. I knew that I had left more than enough milk for Brian and that he’s more than capable of taking care of Gray. I guess I was more nervous about how I would be away from G for so long. It’s the longest that I have ever been away from him. Usually it’s two or three hours that I’ll be gone in an evening or for a spa appointment. I remember the days in the NICU when the 8 hours we would take to go home and do some laundry and repack would drive me crazy and I would be so anxious to get back to the NICU and back to Gray.

I did have a few moments of weakness, especially in the evening when I wanted to come and take Gray with me for the final hours of the conference, but I prevailed and made it through the weekend.

Brian had more than enough milk, and had a great time just him and Gray. He also gained some understanding of what some of my days are like.

It was a great weekend away. Great to sleep in a hotel and not have to wake up to a screaming baby but to silence, and a great time spent with my sister in law.
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