Friday, June 24, 2011

Wont Let Go

Even though I’m done my time on bedrest for right now (who knows what my next pregnancy will bring), I still try and support those who I’ve connected with and the group I connected with as often as I can. During my 11 weeks in bed I think I went through every emotion you possibly could. I felt the guilt of the fact that my body wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing. The fear of the unknown, the elation when G would kick to reassure me he was okay.

I was reading the KeepEm'Cooking forum tonight and my heart was breaking for some of these moms who have been on bedrest for weeks upon weeks and are so close to the end. Or those who are just starting and have what seems to be an impossible amount of time before they get to hold their little ones.

For all of you this conveys every hope and wish and thought I have for you:

I know that Angela feels the same way. We’re here to hold your hand, and stand by you, and help you through those rough days and weeks. We’re here to help you cope with the emotions and understand exactly what you’re going through when no one else does.

We’re here to fight with you, to support you when we can and however we can. We love you, and your little one even from far away. We’re always praying and always just a click away.

Keep fighting, keep holding on for your little ones. Every day, every moment matters, and when you need us we’re here to help.

And for those of you who have met your little one sooner than expected, these words are for you too. I spent my nights in the NICU, and sat by my son wondering. And I know every emotion that you could have. I am always here to support you, no matter what.
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