Monday, June 20, 2011

What I can Accomplish

I have never been into ‘babywearing’. Not 100% sure why but when G was on the inside I was not ever planning on buying a sling or a wrap at all. Thing however changed when he was a preemie with a compromised immune system. I needed to protect G from the people who come up and try to take babies out of others arms to snuggle them.I don’t have an issue with it normally, most people respect boundaries, but with a preemie who has a compromised immune system I thought if we had one more barrier to stop people from doing so it would be a bit better and put me a bit more at ease. image from www.mamankangourou.comSo when G was still in the NICU and we were out at babies R us looking at strollers I decided to look at the carriers they have. I got this great wrap from Maman Kangaroo. I love that you can use it so many ways – a big thing in my life is multi-purpose.

Since that day in February, both G and I have fallen in love with our wrap.  We can do so many things now with it. We go and check the mail, we can cook dinner, we can even do a load of laundry – it’s a bit of a gymnastics move to reach the bottom of the washwer when G is sleeping but it we’ve figured it out.

There are mornings where all G wants to do is snuggle, like today, and I need to get things done around the house, so we hang out in our wrap and snuggle and feel productive too. I love that I can have him tummy to tummy with me, or have him in a cradle hold. And when he’s bigger he can sit looking out at the world.

Well my sleeping bean is waking up and probably wants to see some sunshine. So we’ll head out and water our vegetable garden on the back deck.
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