Sunday, June 19, 2011


Gray hates being wet, and I mean HATES. The only thing he might dislike more is being intubated but we haven’t tried that since day 4 and 5 of his life. We have confirmed that cloth is a better option for us, since we change disposables as often as we change cloth it seems. image from
I have however found something that will get us a few extra minutes out of a cloth diaper, and helps us get through the night without a diaper change. Bummis fleece liners totally do the trick. When G is soaking wet and has a liner in, the wetness passes right through the liner and it doesn’t feel wet at all. It can be a little deceiving when you don’t think he’s wet because the liner doesn’t feel wet at all.

I love all things Bummis! I like that they’re a Canadian company, and I like the integrity that they use when it comes to organic or recycled products and doing what’s best for the environment as well as the consumer. Bummis felt liners have been a life saver when it comes to wet diapers and a particular someone who doesn’t like being wet.
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We have a few other things that we use and a few other brands that we use but Bummis seems to be our go to brand.  If you have a picky baby like mine they're definitley worth a try.
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