Thursday, December 02, 2010

24 Weeks

24 weeks today! It seems like we were in Mexico just minutes ago talking about starting this journey, and now we’re weeks away from meeting out son. In 16 weeks I’ll be holding Grayson in my arms.

I’m starting to get into my groove on bed rest. B had a great idea last week, and picked up a table from my parent’s house so I can scrapbook and sew up in our bedroom rather than having to battle 3 flights of stairs to the basement. We moved some of my things up to our bedroom so I can work on getting some Christmas orders done for clients.

B’s mom and step dad were over yesterday and started decorating our house for Christmas. As much as I would love to be doing this, I do not have the energy or ability to do it this year. It’s a huge blessing to have someone take the time and energy to do this for us. They also cleaned the house so B and I don’t have to worry about it at all.

We spent Monday in Hamilton at the hospital where our specialist works, and if babE G is to come early, where we would spend the first few weeks of his life. We got poked and prodded and checked out. We got some great news! The bed rest is doing its job and I’m doing a lot better and my numbers are much better. We’re not out of the woods, but they’re not worried about Grayson coming in the next few weeks. They’re very hopefully that he’ll arrive in 16 weeks, right on schedule. They have given me the freedom to do a bit more than I have been doing. So I spend most mornings scrapping, and afternoons back in bed napping or vegging or doing something from bed.

B is falling into his new role perfectly. He’s perfect company when I need to talk or have those emotional moments. He’s also just there when I need someone there to just be there. He’s been great at running and getting me things rather than me having to go and get it. He’s okay with the fact that I can’t do everything right now, and he’s being so supportive. These moments make my heart sing, and confirm that I married the right man, the man that was meant for me.

B loves feeling Gray kick! And punch and hiccup. We read stories to him every night, and talk to him constantly. He’s so excited to be a dad, and hold our son. I can’t wait for him to hold him and meet him, and teach him. If my son is half the man my husband is he’ll be a blessing to the woman he marries, and an amazing father to his children.

16 weeks left, 112 days, and I’ll be holding my son. I may have started my time as a full time mom sooner than we had planned, but I’m making a conscious effort to love every moment no matter how mundane. I will spend the next 16 weeks taking it easy so my son has an easier start at life. That’s a sacrifice I will make gladly for him.
16 weeks.

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