Thursday, December 16, 2010

babE Grayson: 26 Weeks

Today is 26 weeks! 2 weeks past the first big marker they wanted us to get to, so that’s great.
We had an ultrasound earlier this week. Gray is growing big and strong. 

We saw Dr Newell again today, and we’re doing really well on bedrest. Our numbers are back in the normal range, and we’re still doing all the right things. In a month I’ll hopefully have more freedom still. Once we hit 30 weeks we’ll be able to do more and be on my feet a bit more, but still no working.
There were some other abnormalities on the ultrasound from Tuesday. I seem to have a lot of amniotic fluid – at the very top of normal. So we’re waiting on some more information from McMaster again. We’ll have to see how they want to proceed. 

The 100 day countdown started this week! 97 days until our due date, 69 days until 36 weeks. We’re praying and believing that we make it until 36 weeks. 

We’ll keep you updated on what McMaster says, and what our next course of action is going to be.
Thank you for blessing us with your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate them more than we can express. 

Lots of love, and hugs! 

Jacqueline and Brain, and babE Grayson too

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