Sunday, December 12, 2010

My jumping Jellybean

I love feeling this little bean jumping away. At our first ultrasound back in September we saw him doing jump squats long before I could feel him moving. Well now there are some moments when I wish I could communicate with him that it’s okay if he’s quiet for a bit. Especially at 3 or 4 am!! This past week I was awake at least 3 mornings earlier then I would prefer to be, like hours before. On Friday morning B and I even decided to get out of bed at 5, since he was not going to settle down, and we might as well just start our days. That is one of the few days that I was very happy to be on bed rest and be able to sleep. Thank goodness I was able to go back to bed for a few more hours. The same could not be said for B.
I’m getting used to seeing 4 am on my clock, well squinting to see it since I can’t read it all that well without my glasses, but still. I’m not looking forward to the day when I have to get up to pee at 4 am every night, but thanks to a lot of practise and years of a very particular ballet master, I seem to have avoided that for now. Who knows how long though?

My jumping bean has been moving around like crazy these days. At the beginning of this week his head was on my left side, and feet up in my ribs on the right side, on a bit of a downward angle. Now he’s all at the bottom squished up, his bum on my left side. One morning when he woke me up he was uncomfortably up and down, and completely squished! Thank goodness he moved and found a better position.
B loves feeling him kick and punch, and he’s even starting to be able to differentiate between the two. He says that it makes it more real to him. I can totally understand and appreciate that. I get a little freaked out when I don’t feel him move every once in a while, I just want to make sure that he’s okay. I just wish it wasn’t at 4am every morning.

My dad tells me that when I was about 6 weeks old I got my days and nights mixed up. I was a great sleeper, I slept through the night pretty much right away, but I seemed to get it mixed up a bit. So in order to fix this, he sent my mom to bed and kept me up for a whole day, and put me to sleep when I was supposed to sleep. If only I could do that with my little G man, but I can’t. At least not at this moment.
I’m glad my jumping bean is so active; it’s his way of letting me know that he’s okay.
We get to see him again this week coming up, and then we’re off to the OB’s for another check-up, and then off to the hospital for steroid injections. As anxious as I am about getting the steroids and how I will react to them, I’m very glad and thankful that we have the medical technology and advancements to make sure that my little one will be okay.

I’m logging off for the night; hopefully more blogging tomorrow.

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