Monday, November 29, 2010

babE Grayson: McMaster visit

After a long day at McMaster, we got GREAT news. We’ve been doing the right things, and although we’re not out of the woods, they aren’t concerned about Grayson coming early! PTL

My numbers have come back up into an okay range. I am still off work until Gray arrives, but I do have a bit more freedom. I have been staying in bed most of the time, but they did give me the freedom to get out of bed for a few hours at a time a few times a day. I still can’t go and do a full grocery shop by myself, but if we just need to run to the store for 5 or 10 things I able to do that. I’m allowed to be up and about to cook meals, and do a bit of tidying or scrapbooking. I am not allowed to clean yet, too much bending or movement, but I’m happy to be able to cook a meal once in a while! This means a bit more time at family things over the next month than we were planning, which is a huge blessing.

 They are advising that we have the steroid injections to help Grayson’s lungs, brain and bowels if he does come early, but they did not see him coming in the next 4 weeks, so advised us to wait until 28 weeks. At that point it will have the greatest effect on him, but still with no implications if he does go full term.

 We did have another full in depth ultrasound, and got to see Grayson again, some images in 3D. They did tell us that he’s measuring at about 25 ½ week rather than 23 but considering the difference in Brian and I’s size that not unexpected to us. I doubted that we would be having a little 5lb babE.

Thank you for all your prayers and support! We’ve gotten over the hardest part I hope, and now that we’re in a better place I hope that it’s relatively smooth from here on out.
 In less than 17 weeks we’ll all be meeting Mr Grayson, and forgetting how long this last bit has seemed.
 Thank you and we’ll keep you updated.
 Jac and Brian and babE Gray
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