Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The New Normal

Today begins week two of bed rest. We’ve fallen into a new normal it seems. At night B does his work in bed with me rather than working at the kitchen table. My in-laws come by once a week to clean the house and help with the ever growing to do list we have on the go. My mom makes us meals for the freezer; my dad stops by after his weekly treatment for coffee. My friends pop by once in a while for short visits, or to borrow some scrapping supplies. Lots of emails and a few phone calls. And lots of love.

I think the biggest change is just the amount of time I spend thinking about Grayson. What he’ll be like when he’s older, what kind of baby he’ll be, will he wait until March? The last part scares me the most, and is the thing I think about the most. But when these thoughts pop into my head, I remind myself that although God blessed us with such an amazing gift, Grayson’s life is still in God’s hands. God numbered Gray’s days before he was conceived, and I have to put my trust in God that Gray is going to get here just in perfect time.

I have to remind myself that as hard as the next 17 weeks is going to be, I’m building our family. I’m not just lazing around the house doing nothing, I have a huge job right now, yes it is partly to sit on my butt and do nothing, but that’s important.

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