Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy School Mornings

This morning was an exceptionally rainy morning here on our street. So I spent sometime curled up on the couch with my cup of tea – decaf of course – and I came to the realization that I’m looking forward to mornings like this in about 5 years. Dressing the kids up in their raincoats and boots, and umbrellas and walking to school in the rain. And then having a cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider ready for when we get home from school because days like this seem to have a way to chill you to the bone, at least for a bit.

We’re very blessed to live right by the public school in our area – its right in our backyard, so while I was sitting on the couch, I could see all the kids walking to school through the front window, and the kids on the playground out the back patio doors. So on my mornings off, or late starts, I get to watch the kids walk to school, or get dropped off (pet peeve).

The proximity in which we live to the school our kids will go to reminds me of how close my school was to where I grew up. I remember days when I could hear the bell and run down the block and still be lined up before the teachers called us in. Or begging my mom to let me go to school early so I could play on the snow hill with my friends before school started.

I’m looking forward to the school days that we have ahead of us. I don’t want the first few years to fly by too fast, but I’m looking forward to my kids enjoying school and friendships they make there. And rainy fall days, with hot apple cider waiting on the stove for when we get home.
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