Sunday, October 24, 2010

One more sleep – well two if I have a nap

18 weeks! only another 22 to go!

We find out tomorrow if we’re having a babE G or a babE A.

No A doesn’t stand for animal, it’s the first initial of the name we have picked out if we have a daughter, G for our son’s name if it’s a boy.

The count down started 32 days ago, 32 more sleeps, 26 more sleeps, and now one more sleep.

Everyone seems to have their predictions about what we’re going to be having. The girls at work can’t decide, they’re split on boy or girl. B’s step-mom thinks it’s a girl, because at our last doctor’s appointment the heartbeat was fast. I can’t say I have an opinion, I’ve never been here before, I can’t say from previous experience.

B and I are just excited to know. We can start shopping, okay I can start shopping. We can plan and get some of the little things done. We can paint something blue or pink to go with the green room. It’s also going to be great to just start calling him or her by name and praying for his or hers life and future.

So one more sleep and we’ll find out. BabE G or babE A. I can’t wait to know and start calling you by name my little babE.

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