Friday, September 10, 2010

First Trimester Done

Yesterday marked the first day of our second trimester, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The last 3 months have been wonderful and amazing, but also had their trials. Of the last 12 weeks, B has spent 10 away from home for business. And not just a few hours away, but a few hours flight away. Not having him around isn’t my favourite thing, and was really hard when I admit that I’ve been on a hormone driven rollercoaster ride. I also seem to have picked up a bad sinus infection somewhere, and due to the little one, I can’t be put on the same medication that I normally would be. So after a night in the ER this week, and an extra trip to the doctors we finally have a solution that will hopefully work and that I can live with.

B and I were laying in bed last night with the realization that in 6 months we could be holding out little one. That in 6 months our lives are going to change forever. For the last two years it’s just been us. We can do what we want, without always taking into consideration others. We have our J and B weekends where it’s just the two of us and no blackberries and no internet, just us reconnecting. Well now it will be the three of us. Not saying that we wont have J and B weekends, I’m sure one of the three grandma’s will want to snuggle the babE for a weekend, but not just oh a whim can we do whatever we want. No more sleeping in late on weekends, there’s a little one that will need to be fed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with the fact that we’re going to be parents soon. I’m anxiously waiting for the day I wake up with a little one in the room just down the hall. I love the fact that B’s getting really excited. He’s excited to read “Are you ticklish?” to our little one. I can’t wait to kiss my little one goodnight.

There are 6 months left until we meet our little one. 28 weeks, 196 days. But I can have patience until babE’s ready to be here. God know’s when it’s time and we’ll wait for him to let us know.

I'm thankful for all of you!

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