Friday, July 27, 2012

If We Do Not Lose Heart and a free printable

Okay first I have to say I love my YouVersion ap! I can read every verse in any version I want. And sometimes different wording make all the difference. So like most day I took my #shereadstruth verse and put it through my 4 or 5 versions. Maybe it’s just me but I feel sometimes one version changes the impact 100%.

If we do not lose heart

 Lose heart

Do not lose heart

We will reap our harvest if we do not lose heart; if we are doing the work with the right attitude and the right purpose. If our heart is in line with God’s purpose and plan.

How many times do we clean our house to get it done and grumble through it. Instead of be stewards of our homes and working to keep them with the respect they deserve. I am often putting my needs last, but am I doing it because I know it’s what I’m supposed to do, or am I doing it with a servants heart?

All these questions flooded my brain and I realized that I’m guilty of doing things with the wrong attitude; I’m doing them just to do them and not always taking a moment to fix my attitude. Our attitude makes all the difference in what kind of harvest we reap. Our attitude can help keep our heart in line with Gods plans or it can make a task a chore.

Chores – did you have those as a kid? I did and when they were chores they sucked! But if I was helping to get the house ready for company, or a party or my grandmother coming to stay it was okay: the purpose changed. So the house still got clean, just with a different attitude. Maybe we need to think of things a bit differently.
Okay – I don’t talk much about Brian’s idiosyncrasies – but here’s one. He’s a neat freak!! He will get physically anxious in a messy house. For the first few of our marriage I didn’t’ get it. And really we were both working and I had a clean house. Well really, I would head to the gym on Saturday mornings and I would come home to a spotless house. (Yes I know, I was spoiled). When I was on bedrest I couldn’t clean, so Brian would do it, or sometimes his mom would pop over for a morning and do it for us. And then when Gray came home I was so busy feeding a little man and getting enough sleep to have enough to feed him, and Brian picked up the slack. Well now – not so much. I work hard to keep the house clean, and there are some days when I have to fix my ‘tude. I need a checkup from the neck up, because GOODNESS I need to remember that I’m so blessed to live in the house I do and have the opportunity to stay home and be a full time mom to Grayson. And keeping the house is part of my job, but it’s also part of having a thankful heart and respecting the blessing that my house is.

But it’s not just about cleaning. We can apply this to everything. In those moments when our kids are on our last nerve, making sure to deal with them with grace and the right attitude. Or friendships – are we sowing into our friends? Do we have the right attitude towards our friendships?

After I read this verse I ran in from the dock – yup I’ve been sitting on this for a bit – and I started creating. And after some thought I decided that I was going to share this with all of you. So I turned it into a free printable for you. You can download the free printable below in PDF format, and you can also purchase the full print from the shop. 

Galations 69 - Free Printable

Also – there is still time to enter the giveaway. Just a few hours, so if you haven’t checked it out go to this post and you can see what it’s all about.

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  1. I love this post and it's so nice that you did a free printable! I've been feeling more and more about that about chores, responsibility, taking care of my house...taking PRIDE in caring for the things God has blessed us with. It really makes it a lot more "fun" and doesn't make it seem like work. I too am loving my YouVersion app, it's helped me sooooo much to read different versions of scriptures with our Prayer study!