Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giving up the good - Goodness!

For the first 12 months of Gray’s life I produced every ounce of nutrition that boy had (other than IV nutrients and 15cc’s of formula on day one). Gray had 100% breast milk and at 8 months when we started solid food, I made every bite. I made the oatmeal, the squash, the chicken, everything.

When Gray reached a year corrected (a year after his due date) we had transitioned to cow’s milk, but Brian and I were making everything else.

The last few weeks of life has been a bit crazy, and to be honest Gray has been driving me a bit crazy in the food department. He does not want to eat from a spoon at all! He only wants to feed himself. Which is not as easy when he’s not able to eat everything, only has 4 teeth, and they don’t even match up, and we have to be oh so careful about what he does eat.

So I’ve given up the good a bit, just a bit. And the past little bit, Grayson has fallen in love with hotdogs.  All white meat chicken hotdogs. But to be honest it has lifted a bit of stress during mealtimes. So as much as I love making all his food, I am so happy that once in a while I don’t have to fight Gray to have him eat something.

I’m linking up with Jessi and Hayley today about giving up the good. Giving up on something for the greater good. Go check out the girls stories and realizations.
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  1. Good for you mama!!! That's a long first year, keep up the good work