Friday, May 04, 2012

10-4 Good Buddy

I have read Abby's 10-4 posts for the last few  months and always promise myself that I will do it. And well this is the first one. 

If you haven't been to Abby's blog before please make sure you go. She has such a huge heart!! And I love how she expresses her love for God and her family. They are hoping to expand their family soon, and would love your prayers. Check out her post here for mroe details. 

Well here we go - my 10-4 good buddy answers for May. 

1. What is one quirky thing about you?
            I have to have sour cream with steak or roast – not sure why but it isn’t the same without it.
2. What does your perfect date look like?  {Not the person...the activity}
            Perfect date would be a nice spring/summer day on the golf course with no one around but Brian. I love Golf but I’m too nervous around others. Plus playing a round of golf gives us lots of time to talk and be silly and be us
3. What is your favorite picture from last month {April}? 
 Brian's step mom had given Gray a little chocolate covered marshmellow bunny for easter, and we let him eat it. This is the after math. (which reminds me that I need to get that video up for you to see!)

4. What are your top 3 favorite TV shows?  
            That is a tough one. I have a slight tv addiction. I would have to say Grey’s Anatomy (can’t believe it’s over soon), Big Bang Theory, and oh – how do I choose a third!?!?! Let’s say Amazing Race since it’s one of the only shows Brian and I can agree on
5. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
            Well golf, but that hasn’t happened much – not sure I’ve even blogged about it, but I love going for bike rides as a family, or walks. We took the long way to get the mail last week, it took us an hour!
6. What is the last movie you saw?
            In the theatre? Umm Sherlock Holms, the second one that came out this Christmas. Yup, we don’t get out much
7. Look up from your computer right now.  What is the first thing you saw?
            Our back yard, and laundry hanging on our clothes line.
8. What area in your life are you working on improving right now?
            My attitude when it comes to putting others first. I have no problem with putting Brian or Gray before me, but sometimes my attitude isn’t proper, and if you don’t have the proper heart and attitude behind it then there isn’t really a point in doing it.
9.  What is your favorite post that you wrote last month?  
            Hard to choose – so I chose two.
10. What would be your dream job?
            I think I’m doing it. I love being Gray’s full time momma. And I’m doing a bit og design work on the side. I’m launching soon, so keep an eye out.

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  1. Thanks for linking up and asking your readers to pray for our family. You are so sweet! I totally love your perfect date and that picture of your boy is adorable!

  2. I love your son's name! That cracks me up about the sour cream! Came over from the link up!

  3. Hi there found your through the link up. Your lil man is so cute. Sour cream and steak ... mmm that made my mouth water just a bit. Happy to be your newest follower.