Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It has been a rough week here. As I mentioned last week, Brian brought something home with him from work and shared it.

I have now lost my voice and I’m trying oh so hard to find some energy after looking after Gray each day. I think I’m finally on the upswing. Other than this nasty cough. 

Sipping hot water with lemon and lime, and  abit of honey.

My dad’s disease is a genetic one and because of how it is passed down, I carry one gene. I’m what they would call an affected carrier. I have some lung issues, but I don’t have the disease. However it seems every time I get sick I get this nasty nasty cough for a few weeks to a few months after. I HATE it. I think I could write a review on every cough syrup out there because I have tried them all.

I hope that I’ll be back to regular posts later this week. I’m sorry the blog has been a bit lonely these past few days. I have a cute video of Gray to upload and I’m hoping that I can get that done today.

I’m also working on some design work this week. Working on some buttons for a few different projects. Here’s one for the budget series I’ve been working on (and will get posts up as soon as I’m feeling better). 

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