Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I miss my aesthetician

I’m starting to get rather large. The fact that Gray is almost double the size they would expect him to be doesn’t help that. I’ve gotten used to most of life like this. I have gotten used to having to hoist myself out of bed and taking extra time to get anywhere. 

The one thing that I can’t seem to do on my own, or easily is shave my legs. Seriously it’s the most awkward thing ever. For someone who prides myself on being graceful and putting all those years of ballet to use, there is no way for me to be graceful doing this. 

Before the belly and pregnancy I had my monthly appointment to see A my aesthetician. But since G started growing, waxing hurts more than the first time, which was years ago. So I sacrificed and decided that I can deal with shaving for a few months or a year. But now I really really miss A and her talents for making me hair free. 

I think last night may be the last time I shave until I can actually see my feet again. If B doesn’t like it, he can shave for me. Oh well 56 more days until Mr. Gman can arrive.

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