Monday, January 03, 2011

babE Grayson: 28 weeks

Good Morning and Happy New Year. 

Well this year is the year – It’s finally 2011, and Grays birthday has a 2011 in it!
Sorry that this update is a little late – Brian and I shut down last week for a bit and spent some quality time together – the last bit we’ll get before Grayson arrives. 

We have made it to 28 weeks, well 28 weeks and 4 days today to be exact. I’m so thankful to have gotten to this point. 7 weeks ago we were unsure if we would make it to 24 weeks, and we seem to have flown by that. 

We saw Dr. Newell last week – and finally had an appointment where we came out feeling great and a lot less worried. My fluid level has come back down, so much so that I have lost a pound in the two weeks between appointments. My cervix is still thin, and has gotten a little thinner, but we’re still in an okay range. With all the Christmas events, we weren’t surprised that it was down a bit. 

We have an appointment in Hamilton with the Prenatal Diagnosis Center. On our ultrasound at 26 weeks there were some abnormalities: they found some soft markers in Grayson’s bowels and kidneys. Soft markers can indicate one of a hundred different things. There are soft markers and hard markers when they do ultrasounds, hard markers like bone density and facial proportions can indicate Down Syndrome or something very specific, whereas soft makers don’t have a specific diagnosis or one thing that they point to. In Gray’s case, both the markers in his kidneys and bowels could mean that he swallowed some blood that may have been present in the amniotic fluid that that is why there were bright spots on the ultrasound. With the other issues that we have had Hamilton just wants to make sure that everything is okay, and take a closer look. Hopefully with some answers from Hamilton we’ll be able to start planning Grayson’s arrival whether it’s in Hamilton or if we’ll be able to go with the original plan and deliver in Guelph. 

There are 56 days until March 1st. 56 days until the Doctors are happy with him arriving, and to be honest me too. The last 7 weeks have been hard on me, but I look forward to the next 8 and the end result is worth every moment. 

Thank you for all your prayers. We appreciate them. Your support means so much to Brian and I. I have found a group of bedrest mom’s online – and everyday I’m so thankful to have such a great support system. Not every bedrest mom is blessed with such an amazing group of family and friend.
I can’t wait to introduce all of you to Grayson in a few months. I know that we’re all anticipating his arrival. 


Jacqueline, Brian and babE Grayson.

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