Sunday, January 16, 2011

babE Grayson: A Long Week

A week ago we woke up in the L&D ICU, wondering if our son would have a January birthday rather than a March one. 

This week we woke up at home in our own room in our own bed, and very thankful that our son hasn’t arrived. 

After a week in the hospital, they let us come home. We were a little surprised that they let us come home after we had a rough night on Thursday, but here we are. 

Saturday morning I had a great conversation with Dr Brennan. I got to ask all my questions, and get some answers as to what we need to look out for, and what the next 6 to 10 weeks look like for us. And a hopeful smile that we wouldn’t see her again. 

Hopefully we get to stay home for the next few weeks. Bed rest is a bit stricter now, I can still get up a bit now and then, but no driving myself anywhere, and spending 99% of my time in bed. Thanks goodness I have lots of knitting to do while I’m here. 

I have a lot more time on my hands, and lots of time to visit, so if you’re in town give us a call. We’ll be here.   

Thank you so much for your prayers and support this last week, we appreciate it so much. The stress of the last week melts away when we know we have such a great support system. We feel so blessed to know that we have all of you praying for Grayson. 

43 Days until March 1st, and Grayson can arrive safely. We’ve made it past 30 weeks now, and we’re believing for another 6 at least. 

Blessings, and lots of love, 

Jacqueline and Brian, and babE Gray too.

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