Monday, August 13, 2012


Recently we left the church that had been our home for years, my home for almost 28 years. When we left we left all our friends behind; we the people we thought were our friends. There’s only one couple that we still connect with. This is part of the reason my heart needs a lot of healing these days.

But one thing this experience has done for me is made me so so thankful for the real friends that I have in my life. And the new friendships that have emerged.

And today I’m so so so thankful for one person in particular and thankful for today. Today is Jennifer from Finding My Way in Texas Birthday! 29 years ago the world was forever changed when Jennifer entered it. At least my world. 

Jennifer is celebrating her birthday with a big giveaway and she’s giving everyone 50% off everything in her shop as well!!

Go check it all out!!

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