Monday, August 06, 2012

Exciting News - and some technical difficulties

So Friday morning I started to record a vlog for you guys. And then I went to play it back before uploading it to youtube, and goodness it decided that I should sound a bit like a man and the audio didn’t match the video at all. And then with all the compute issues we’ve been having every other time I tried it didn’t work either.And now it's Monday and I'm finally sitting at a working computer- Thanks to my amazing Hubby - and I can finally get back to what I love. 

Since my vlog wouldn't work I thought I would just show you pictures of my vlog and tell you what I was going to say.

So I started out saying how much I have missed you all, but how great our few weeks away was. How much I love reading all your comments and that I have something up my sleeve for all you commenters and I’ll tell you about it real soon.

Then I started to tell you all about something I was planning on doing in the new year, but after so many amazing women telling me I should do it without even knowing I was planning it, I decided to do it now. If you’re on instagram or twitter you may have gotten a sneak peek.

I told you the heart behind it, and how much it’s blessed me. And then I showed you what I was talking about.

Our new JOURNAL!!!! With all 10 of our original mini prints in it.

A great new blogging friend of mine, Tiffany, commented one day to me when we were chatting that because my prints are meant to be written all over, I should put them in a journal, so that when you come to a print you can write all over it.

And then I showed you three of my favorite prints in the journal. 

For such a time as this: If you read my post over on Virginia’s blog you would know a bit of the story, but this print is the beginning. This print came in a time when I needed it most, when my world seemed to be falling apart. But now I can focus on what I was created for. I was created for such a time as this. 

Jesus loves me this I know: Old Sunday school day, but oh so true. If I know that Jesus loves me no matter what, I can make it through a rough day. Knowing that no matter how I feel about myself that day Jesus loves me just the way I am.

Through Christ I am: I love what Jennifer did with this print. She has written all over it! She wrote everything that she is through Christ. “More than a conqueror; forgiven; bought by his blood; chosen; alive.”

And then I went onto tell you that the journal is now in the shop! And there’s a special pre-order price. Journals will begin production September 4th, after the Labour Day long weekend. So currently they are listed in the shop for $20.00 USD, after Labour Day the price will go up to $24.00.The price is already reflected in the shop so no discount code is needed.

Details about the journal: all material in the journal is printed at a professional printing company; the covers are heavy silk coated stock. There are 100 note pages, and the remaining 9 prints are set throughout the journal. It is spiral bound with black binding.

So pop over to the shop and pre-order your journal. I would love to be able to send you a journal. 



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  1. That is just AWESOME girl!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that line from Esther!!! "I was created for a time such as this". Doesn't it feel so powerful?