Saturday, February 05, 2011


You would not believe the number of time my family doctor reminded me that caffeine was not allowed during my pregnancy. Not one cup a day, not just an ounce; None!. I was pretty good at following his rules and read up on the studies he was talking about. And I do understand why he said it. 

Now that we’re on the other side of things I understand that caffeine can affect G to now that he’s getting 100% mommy juice. Can you say exhausted Jac!

But now I’m throwing caution to the wind and having my daily coffee. After all G is getting straight caffeine put into his IV once a day. The same amount if not more than what is in a large Tim Horton’s coffee. They’re giving my 5 day old preemie caffeine. I think the amount he gets from my milks is negligible now, considering the small amount that actually passes through. 

Who would have thought giving baby caffeine would be humane. Oh well, coffee here I come. 

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